Brain Emotional Learning Based Models

We use models developed based on how emotions are processed in mammalian brains. These computational models have been shown to predict non-linearity and chaos, better than any traditional artificial intelligence models.

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Emotional Machine Trading

We use algorithms to build intelligent machines. What makes us different is that our machines are designed in such a way that they are not only rational, but also emotional.

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Crypto Trading Machines

Trading various cryptoassets from coins to tokens is a focus of our algorithmic trading strategies. More famous technical tools, such as RSI and MACD have been useful not only in trading equities and derivatives, but also in trading crypto-assets.

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Your Main Message

OneLove Investments is a firm specialized in using new prediction models to design better performing trading machines. These machines are used to trade different assets, from equities, to derivatives, and to crypto-assets. One of our main prediction models is based on emotional learning process in mammalian brain.

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