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Our Approach

Emotion-Inspired Computational Models

Computational models of emotional learning, which are computer-based models, have been developed to represent the associative learning aspect of emotional processing. From the application perspective, they can be categorized into three groups: emotion-based decision-making model, emotion-based controller, and emotion-based machine-learning approaches.

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Algorithmic Trading:

You may now ask, what does it have to do with algo trading? Like any other nonlinear systems, one may utilize emotion-based machines. Financial markets are unpredictable and nonlinear. Emotional machines have been highly effective in prediction of all forms of nonlinearities and chaotic systems.

Meet the Team

We're a team of humans and non-human beings: We have machines and to be honest, we've had help from extraterrestrials too! How else do you think we're building better machines than those big banks and rich hedge funds?



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